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Mina gamla råttor

Above is a photo of my former pet rat boys Ixy and Ikaros. Ikaros had a very big influence on my life with rats. He was a great pet rat, and he was also the foundation sire for a highly successful line of rats. And because of him and that line of rats I learned so much about rats that I never could have learned any other way.

I have had rats for many many years, and I got my first rats, Råttis & Thump sometime in 1988. I have made a few mistakes during the years, but I've also learned a lot from them.

I have lots of rattie photos all the way back to 1989, so I believe I have photos of almost all my old rats, I just have to find them and scan them.

Even if I have had many rat litters I have never culled any babies, I just don't believe in culling. I have put one baby to sleep since he injured himself badly, but I found homes for all other babies I didn't keep. I also rehomed many rats that came to me in need of new homes. I had to put one rat to sleep in the early years, a young male I kept for myself, that turned aggressive overnight at the age of some months. I can't find him among my rattie papers, but I know that happened, since it was the first and only rat I put to sleep of my own rats for many many years.

I also helped finding homes for many of the rats from Runatun Rattery over the years, since he didn't have any connections in the rat world. Before he got four babies from Ikaros' litter in 1996 he had many chocolate and chocolate agoutis, colours that was almost extinct in the Swedish rat comminity. All chocolate based colours had been replaced by mink based colours. So these were popular. After 1996 he had a line of superior temperament, and many persons realized that and bought rats from him, through me, just because of their wonderful temper. Many of those rats were also chocolate and chocolate agouties, though. Jalle is very fond of chocolate agouti. Today he is not breeding rats anymore.