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Mina gamla marsvin

I have had cavies for many years, my first I got in 1968 or 1969, but I was not allowed to keep it more than a few days because of allergies in the family.

In 1978 I at last I bought a cavy, Tjabo, that soon became my best friend. Since then I've had cavies almost all the time.

The cavy in the photo is Drutten:

My old cavies, from old to new (some in the order that they died...):

  1. Tjabo. Tjabo was a Black & White male and the first cavy I was allowed to keep. I bought him in the summer of 1978. He lived for 7 years and 11 months on the day, and I was his slave.
  2. Pyret. Pyret was a Black & Golden female and my second cavy. She was Tjabo's best friend. She had 2 litters with Tjabo, but I did not keep then, instead I found new homes for them. I think I bought Pyret in 1981, as a friend for Tjabo. No photos.
  3. Na. Na was a Self Chocolate female and my third cavy. She was unable to become really tame. I got Na since she needed a new home, and I think that was in 1983 or 1984, maybe. Na lived for 5 years. No photos.
  4. After Tjabo & Pyret had died I got a tricolour cavy female as a new friend for Na, but Na did not live long after her friends died, so I rehomed the new cavy and and lived without cavies for a few months. This was late fall in 1988, or early winter. Next summer I found a new cavy...
  5. Dompängs Drutten. Drutten was a Cream Agouti Crested. I found him in a small aquarium in the home of a friend, she wanted to sell me his babies, but I fell in love with Drutten himslelf. He was 16 months old then, and that must have been in July or August 1989.
  6. Piri-Piri's Pat-a-Cake, called Patty was a Golden Agouti female. I bought her as a friend to Drutten, and he did get many friends...
  7. Fina was a Lemon Agouti Crested female.
  8. Enebacken's Dressed-For-Success, called Dessie was my first satin cavy. She was a Satin Lemon Agouti.
  9. Gullhäll's Emma was a Buff Agouti.
  10. Milky Way's Cachiri was my first longhaired cavy. Cachiri was a Black & White Sheltie.
  11. West Wood's Phobos, called Lilla Blå (meaning "Little Blue"). She was a Grey Satin, very blue in colour.
  12. Milky Way's Haida was a cavy in desperate need of a new home, she was so thin that I thought she would not make it. Haida was a Zobel Agouti & White.
  13. Lejonhjärtas Eldflugan, called Flugan. Flugan was a Satin Lemon Agouti.
  14. Queenie. Queenie was the daughter of Flugan & Drutten, and she was a Satin Lemon Agouti

    Early in 1996 all of these cavies had died, and since I had a severe problem with mycosis on the cavies so I desinfected my whole apartment before I got new cavies, and this time I was without cavies for just a couple of months... I had a creeping suspision that my females was dying at an early age because I was stupid enough to mate them, so I decided to only get older cavies and not to mate them from now on.

    This photo shows, from left to right, Belladonna, Silvia, E. T., Lotus, Vintergatan, Sunny & Fnistan:

  15. Milky Way's Fnistan. On the 23rd of June 1996 I got myself 3 new cavies; Fnistan, Belladonna & Vintergatan. Fnistan was a Black & Golden Curly. Fnistan was my first cavy with the Lunkarya gene.
  16. Milky Way's Vintergatan. Vintergatan was a Satin Grey Lemon Argente.
  17. Fairy Tales Belladonna. Belladonna was a Black Dalmatian Coronet. Belladonna was in great need of a new home, and left her old home in a paper bag... A friend broght her to me, which I was very grateful for.
  18. Arion's Lotus. Lotus was an Crested Grey male, that was supposed to be uninterested in females. One day he suddenly realized that he was living in a herd with only females... I had him castrated really soon!
  19. Milky Way's l'Extra Terrestrial, called E.T.. E.T. was a Grey Lemon Argente female, and my biggest cavy ever.
  20. Milky Way's Tinsel Trinket, called Tinsel. Tinsel was a Light Grey female, and a close relative of E.T..
  21. Bubblan. Bubblan was a very old cavy I agreed to piggysit for, and then her owner did not want her back. She lived to be just over 8 years old. Bubblan was Black & White female.
  22. Sunny. Sunny was Queenies sister, and she was a Satin Lemon Argente. I sold Sunny, but got her back after about five years and then I kept her. I was very glad when I got her back since I had none of her relatives left.
  23. Fairy Tales Silvia. Silvia was a Crested Rex Himalaya, and my first and only rex.
  24. Milky Way's Saint Paulia Difficilis, called Diffi. Diffi was a Satin Lemon Agouti female.
  25. Milky Way's Orchid Trail, called Bulan. Bulan was a Lemon Argente female.

    Two of my cavies had died from pregnancy diseases, Pyret & West Woods Phobos, so I didn't want to breed cavies again. But I was told by a friend that the new Lunkarya breed was so healthy that I would not lose any pregnant females, and I was promised two lunkarya sisters - Gitza & Gashay to breed from. But Gashay died and I got Gitza and her daughter Dana instead. What we didn't know was that I actually got three cavies - Dana was pregnant with Fox.

    The pigs in the photo are, from left to right, Eira, Danira, Binky, Fox and Kurtan:

  26. Milky Way's Gitza. Gitza was a Silver Agouti & White Lunkarya female. I was promised to have her and her sister Gashay. But Gashay died, so I got Gitza and her daughter Dana instead.
  27. Milky Way's Dana. Gitza's daughter. Dana was a Golden Agouti, Golden & White Lunkarya.
  28. Aristoteles C was a White & Silver Agouti that mostly looked like a lamb.
  29. Aristoteles Binky. Fox's daughter! Binky was a Golden & White Lunkarya.
  30. Milky Way's Velvet Halo, called Sammet. Sammet was a Self Grey Curly female, and my second Curly (Fnistan was my first).
  31. Coastwind's Curtain Call - "Kurtan". She was a Golden & White Alpaca.
  32. Aristoteles Eira. Eira was a White & Black Lunkarya.
  33. Aristoteles Fox. Fox was a Golden, White & Golden Agouti Lunkarya.
  34. Aristoteles Danira. Binky's daughter! Danira was a Golden Agouti & Golden Lunkarya.
  35. Trassel. Trassel was a Golden/Black & White pet cavy that was in need of a permanent new home at the age of 5 years.
  36. Milky Ways Saga. Saga was a small Chocolate Agouti Satin female.
  37. Milky Ways Stjärna. Stjärna is a Lemon Agouti/Lemon Ridgeback.
  38. Nemo. Nemo was a big Golden/White/Golden Agouti castrated male.
  39. Hjördis. Tortoisesshell & White Peruvian female.
  40. Crown Victoria. Crested solid golden agouti female.

    (Får se om jag orkar översätta detta till svenska)...
  41. High Hat's Tan-Ja, kallas Tanja. Grey tan hona.
  42. High Hat's Ninni. Black rex hona.
  43. C'Lines Dorotea. Black dutch hona.
  44. Myway Crown Jewel, kallas Fia. Black himalaya hona.
  45. Solitaire Mitsubishi. Self black hona.
  46. Grisen. Skinny hona.
  47. Solitaire LH-Tan-Nie, kallas Tannie. Lilac/golden/white roan alpaca hona.
  48. Isoldes Kakaoböna kallas Izzy Chocolate/golden hona.
  49. Hedda Golden Lunkarya hona.